“Providing engaging and tailored activity to young people, who are vulnerable to being exploited by criminal gangs can drastically reduce the risk of them getting involved in criminal activity. With less people involved in gangs it is harder for them to commit crime, cause anti-social behaviour and exploit the vulnerable. Tackling the root causes of these problems will help create the safer and more secure communities we all want.

“This project will help to support vulnerable children and crack down on gangs and organised crime both of which are key priorities in the Police and Crime Plan.”

Roger Hirst, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex

“Since arriving at Mark Hall Academy, Changing Lives have continued to do… just…that.

 Their main strategic role, includes every single aspect of behaviour management, intervention, alternative curriculum planning, delivery and quality assurance.

 During this year, Changing Lives have actively been involved in the process of reviewing, designing and preparing for our new Connexus and Apollo programme. Changing Lives have always actively supported the Academy’s vision and aspirations, whilst adhering to the staff and professional code of conduct.

 Changing Lives have an outstanding relationship with teachers and students. They are reliable, honest and trustworthy.

 We find Changing Lives approachable, dependable and consistent, and they are often required to provide additional support for all. They excel in listening, motivating and realising potential.

 Changing Lives are excellent at managing themselves and have excellent intrapersonal skills. They actively seek constructive feedback from all and seem to thoroughly enjoy new challenges.  They also currently work collaboratively with many stakeholders and many extended services in order to secure delivery of the Academy’s development objectives.

 Changing Lives work exceptionally hard to ensure that others understand the importance of creating and maintaining a network of diverse people to share expertise, achieve common objectives and improve the learning environment for all.

 Changing Lives have the ability to respond appropriately, manage uncertainty and bounce back even in the most trying of situations. They makes decisions and choices with the best interests of education and students in mind. Working at Mark Hall Academy has allowed them to develop and extend their values and passion for lifelong learning and commitment to teaching and learning.

 Changing Lives are a committed team with infectious personalities. They show high levels of commitment and motivation. Changing Lives are respected members of staff and have strong, positive relationships with students and high expectations of them… This has never faltered”.

Vic Butler, Co-Principal of Mark Hall Academy, Harlow, Essex